Sandie Price
Kentucky breeder of AKC Pomeranians
Perennial Poms

Welcome to the home of Perennial Poms. I am a small home
breeder of AKC registered Pomeranians.  I have a small
heated/air conditioned kennel just a few steps from my
house. Inside my kennel I have doggy doors that open into
40 foot chain linked runs. Each run has a gate that opens
into my large chain link fenced backyard. My nursery is
inside my house in my bright sunroom. My babies are
handled and played with daily, so they are very social.  My
Pom Moms come in my home 2 weeks before their due date
with my house poms to whelp their babies in my bedroom.
I only have a few planned litters a year. My Poms are sold as
pets with Limited AKC registration, unless agreed upon
before the sale on a case by case basis. I do not sell to puppy
mills, large breeding kennels, or pet stores, and retain the
right to refuse a sale at anytime.
Poms are great family dogs because they love to be involved
in whatever you are doing. If you are looking for a loyal and
loving pet, then a Pomeranian might be what you are looking
Please email me at and I'd glad to
talk to you about owning one, but beware....Poms can be
Many thanks to my friends that answer my many questions and are
always ready to "talk Pom" with me.
Nuvet Vitamins
I started using Nuvet on a puppy that wasn't thriving. I noticed a difference in his
energy level and his coat within a couple weeks. He loves their taste and thinks
he's getting a treat. I am totally sold on them and now trying them on my Mom's
after they have their pups to give them an extra boost. I have been pleasantly
surprised with this product and hope you will also give it a try on your Pom.
To order call
800 474 7044
order code 30600
or go to
My boys kennel
Back of my girls kennel
Mama and puppy nursery on
the back of my house.